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Do you live in the Denver Metro Area? This election year is a critical opportunity to shape the direction of our community for generations to come with several important elections that will affect Colorado’s future. From protecting our state’s natural beauty, to increasing housing attainability and expanding Colorado’s middle class, we’ve got a lot on the line this election.

We need your voice now more than ever to help expand Colorado’s middle class.

Click the county you’re registered to vote in below and we’ll show you how you can help.

Why attend?

Your precinct caucus and subsequent assemblies are the precursor to the Primary Elections that occur on June 25, 2024 here in Colorado. They’re a vital part of candidate selection because it’s the most common way Democrats get on the ballot for the Primary election. It’s a critical point to make sure your voice is heard. 

Some counties, like Arapahoe, automatically invite you to be a delegate simply for signing up and attending caucus. While others ask that you be a party official. The simplest party official role is called a “Precinct Organizer” or a “Precinct Organizer Assistant.” These are volunteer roles that grant you Assembly voting rights, as well as access to your neighborhood’s voting record in case you’d like to reach out to them and help get out the vote.

While you can vote for only one candidate per elected position, any candidate who gets 30% of the vote or more will be added to the primary ballot in June.

What do we do?

At Caucus, you ask to become a “delegate,” which then enables you to then attend your county (and multi-county) assembly.

At your county (and multi-county) assembly, you’ll hear from a selection of candidates for various roles like county commissioners and state legislative districts, and vote which candidate best represents your interests.

Some state legislative and judicial districts span multiple counties. So, while you need to attend the caucus in your home county, you’ll be invited to a separate, additional assembly called a “multi-county assembly” for those candidates where you’ll join folks for the other related counties to select those primary candidates.

What if the elected position I want to vote for is in a multi-county assembly?

Many state Senate, Judicial, and even House districts are located over two or more counties. While you’ll need to attend the caucus located in your home county above in order to be named a delegate to your relevant multi-county assembly, the voting for these candidates takes place at a separate assembly compared to the County Assembly.

If you’re not sure whether your state Senate, Judicial, or House district is located across multiple counties, you can lookup your legislative districts here. And then take a peek at the list below and see if it’s listed as a multi-county assembly. Details on how to attend these virtual events will be emailed to you once you are named a delegate.

HD3 April 9, 2024 6pm

HD9 April 9, 2024 6pm

HD13 March 30, 2024 2pm

HD19 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD24 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD26 March 30, 2024 12pm

HD29 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD33 March 30, 2024 12pm

HD35 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD36 March 30, 2024 12pm

HD38 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD47 April 7, 2024 12pm

HD48 April 7, 2024 12pm

HD49 April 10, 2024 6pm

HD54 March 30, 2024 12pm

HD56 March 30, 2024 2pm

HD57 March 30, 2024 12pm

HD58 March 30, 2024 2pm

HD59 March 30, 2024 2pm

HD60 April 7, 2024 12pm

HD61 April 7, 2024 12pm

HD62 April 7, 2024 12pm

HD63 April 7, 2024 2pm

HD64 April 7, 2024 2pm

HD65 April 7, 2024 2pm

SD5 March 30, 2024 2pm

SD6 April 6, 2024 10am

SD13 April 6, 2024 10am

SD16 April 10, 2024 7pm

SD17 April 10, 2024 7pm

SD19 April 10, 2024 7pm

SD21 April 6, 2024 10am

SD23 April 6, 2024 10am

SD26 April 9, 2024 7pm

SD28 April 6, 2024 10am

JD1 April 9, 2024 6pm

JD3 March 20, 2024 10am

JD4 April 7, 2024 2pm

JD5 April 6, 2024 12pm

JD6 March 30, 2024 10am

JD7 March 30, 2024 10am

JD8 March 30, 2024 10am

JD9 March 30, 2024 10am

JD11 April 6, 2024 12pm

JD12 April 6, 2024 12pm

JD13 April 6, 2024 12pm

JD14 April 6, 2024 12pm

JD16 April 6, 2024 2pm

JD17 will be hosted by Adams County after their Caucus & Assembly March 16, 2024 at 4pm

JD22 April 6, 2024 2pm

JD23 April 6, 2024 2pm

CD1 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD2 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD3 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD4 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD5 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD6 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD7 April 11, 2024 6pm

CD8 April 11, 2024 6pm

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