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Colorado is growing more rapidly now than ever before. Our students, trades, and local economies have grown to keep pace. One Main Street Colorado believes we should invest and empower our local professionals and businesses with access to government contracts from local to state-wide.

When land development and renovation of infrastructure occurs here in Colorado, Coloradan trade professionals, contracting companies, and business support services should be easily accessible to planners to show them as the obvious first choice we know they are.

When contracts are decided purely by “lowest bid amount,” then far too much is left out of consideration. One Main Street Colorado supports policies that recognize price is a crucial, but not exclusive, point of consideration when considering contracts to spend taxpayer dollars and impact our communities.

Many Colorado-based contractors employ local workers, provide long-term benefits, offer robust apprenticeship programs, and have a proven track record for completing projects on-time and in-budget.

Every dollar spent on a high-value Colorado contractor is returned to the community of tax-payers many time over because we know they can sustain service and timelines necessary to execute public projects and getting the project done right the first time. The saying “you get what you pay for” is true here, as it is everywhere else and we support policies that treat taxpayer money and the communities improved with it respectfully.

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