Facing facts and makes changes.

One Main Street Colorado trusts the global community of scientists who tell us that the planet is warming, and with it comes a host of major issues ranging from an increase in global weather-based catastrophes, reduction in potable water, and fewer livable ecosystems than before.

We know that while science and technology rush forward to meet our future challenges head-on, there are steps every individual and business can take to reduce their carbon footprint and protect our global ecosystem. We must adapt our practices and utilize cutting edge technologies to ensure we are part of the solution for the next generation. In addition, when policies result in the loss of income of jobs for workers, we believe there is an equal responsibility to provide a just-transition to workers so they maintain the same wages and benefits.

After all, Colorado’s robust outdoor recreation economy, water interests, and urban cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder all rely on our rich access to four seasons and reliable ground water.

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