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One Main Street Colorado isn’t your average non-profit. We formed as a team of business, labor, and community leaders in Colorado. Our mission is to expand Denver’s middle class, upgrade our core infrastructure, and to make Denver the small business capitol of the country. We work with partners across the city to host job fairs, create upward mobility that expands the middle class, advocate for the upgrade of our infrastructure, and to make Denver the small business capitol of the country

Our 2023 pledge for Mayoral candidates

We have sought both runoff candidates’ commitment to the values on this page which expand opportunity, upward mobility, and job creation for all of us, no matter race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

2023 Denver Mayoral Pledge

  1. Expand the middle class: By enacting Best Value Contracting the first 100 days in office so more city contracts go to local companies that hire local workers. Companies that hire out-of-state workers who take their paychecks back to their home state, don’t grow our local economy.
  2. Upgrade our aging infrastructure: By bringing long-term thinking to the growth facing our city and supporting policies like replacing lead pipes to ensure we have clean water to drink, and saving taxpayer dollars by supporting deferred-maintenance costs on critical projects like roads, bridges, and sidewalks.
  3. A commitment to making Denver the small business capitol of the country: By tapping into our highly educated and trained workforce, creating a thriving business market for young entrepreneurs and start-ups, and increasing support for women and minority-owned businesses.
  4. Tackling our housing shortage: A commitment to recognizing the racial gap in homeownership and streamlining the zoning process to create a more stable housing market so more Denverites can establish upward mobility and generational wealth through homeownership.

Click either candidate signature to view their signed pledge to Denver citizens.

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